Short Course in Understanding People

What Makes People Tick?

In this short course you will be taught a way of looking at the personality (role theory) so you can come to understand people and how they behave.

We will also take a helicopter view of people (systems theory) so that the context in which you work and live is taken into account.

Of course you will learn  a lot about yourself in the process – I will be using experiential action methods, so come prepared to immerse yourself in some learning that may well change you forever.

  • Improve your ability to coach and mentor your staff
  • Understand values and values clashes
  • Improve your own Emotional Intelligence
  • Come up with fresh ways of approaching old situations
  • Deal with miscommunication and relationship breakdowns
  • Know the part you play in others behaviour
  • Improve your tolerance of difference (annoying people)

Cost:  $180 plus gst

Dates:  To discuss options, please email or phone 03 545 2567