Courageous Conversations for Couples

Courageous Conversations for Couples

This workshop is open to either one partner in a couple relationship or to both partners.


Times:  Three x 3 hour evenings – 6.30 to 9.30 pm

Dates:   Please discuss with Cher Williscroft

Cost: $230 plus gst per person

Content:  In this workshop over three evenings you will learn to have a clear, kind and respectful conversation with your loved one when there is a tricky or difficult topic. You can expect to be more comfortable communicating with your partner when you have a `difference’ of opinion, style, or values while preserving your most important relationship. You will learn practical, tried and true methods to break through tricky situations, stop communication breakdowns and miscommunications. These tools will reduce conflict  and prevent any erosion of trust in your relationship. You will overcome your own barriers to communicating when there is conflict. Everything you learn will be applied to your own real life situations with your loved ones.


  • Get to know what makes people tick by knowing your own values, their values and how your values clash
  • Learn how to have a conversation values-based conversation, rather than have an `I’m right-you’re wrong – you’re to blame’ argument
  • Overcome your personal barriers to clear communication so you can communicate with both honesty and respect
  • Practice meta-communication to greatly increase your chances of being heard and reducing defensiveness in others
  • Learn to listen respectfully to those that are different to you without necessarily agreeing with them – untangle complex situations by fairly examining alternative points of view to your own
  • Learn to have a cool headed response, rather than react to people, especially when your buttons are pressed
  • Keep things on track with a structured approach to having a difficult discussion

To enrol, or request further information, please email

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