Courageous Conversations Coaching Club

Courageous Conversations Coaching Club – monthly for 6 months

Take your communication and  relationship skills to a whole new level … group coaching, supervision and training in a group with an expert leader


If you benefited by my Courageous Conversation course and want to open yourself up to further tools and personal coaching,  join my Courageous Conversations Coaching Club.

A monthly series develop enhancing your existing abilities and developing new ones.

  • What makes people tick? What do you react to certain people? Develop greater understanding of people using role theory of the personality. Understand and change the dynamics of your communication that no longer work for you.
  • Learn advanced skills to deal with those personalities you find difficult
  • Stop communication struggles. Avoid misunderstandings. Defuse in-your-face encounters. Say focused on the issue; don’t be side tracked. Communicate clearly and constructively with tricky colleagues, direct reports or friends.
  • Revitalise your approach, speak up at meeting, draw on your inner resources and remain true to yourself.
  • Practice the skills in a small supportive group, operating at a similar level to you, with my coaching
  • Develop your capacity to back yourself when you approach someone that makes you anxious
  • Work with your current situations in depth in a confidential supportive group
  • Learn how to breakthrough conflict with your communication and unlock the potential in your relationships

Prerequisite:  Attendance at Courageous Conversations workshop  or equivalent one the one sessions covering this content

Date:   Enquire for dates

Time:  Enquire for times

Fee:     $360 per person for all 6 sessions. Equivalent to $20 per hour.  Max of 6 participants.

Venue:  Nelson (Cher’s office in Church St).  If enough Blenheim people are interested I will consider coming over there.

To enrol, or request further information, please email or phone 03 545 2567

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