Conflict Resolution

Stages of resolution:  How I work to resolve conflict, communication difficulties, or relationship breakdowns.

Stage 1: Meet with those who have an overview. This is often the person who is responsible for the outcome or who is paying my fee (the client).

  • We will discuss the whole history of the situation and then discuss possible next steps, including what outcomes you want from the process, going forward, with a time frame.  We identify the key players for me to interview and move to stage 2.

Stage 2:  Initial meeting with each the parties individually and any other key players

  • Through discussing the situation with the key players one to one, I will get an overview of the situation and find out the history, the issues, and get a perspective from different points of view. I will be fully briefed on what the key players want from this process going forward.   This is also a chance to identify things that are in each party’s control to improve working relationships now and for the future.  We will discuss the various options for resolution including the possibility of a facilitated meeting or mediation.  This stage produces positive changes simply by bringing the issues out into the open and taking actions now to improve relationships

Stage 3:  I write recommendations for resolution or alternative options.

  • I will let you, the client, know the options for resolution, and give you my recommendations, including the cost of these. We will discuss these and agree on the best way forward.  The solutions may include a facilitated meeting or mediation.  I reserve the right not to go ahead with a resolution process, if in my assessment, the situation is not resolvable,  if mediation is not in the best interests of the parties or organisation, or if I see better ways forward.  I may recommend a range of different solutions.
  • After this meeting, I will finalise my recommendations and send these to you. These will be confidential to you, the client, written without prejudice.  They contain sensitive information and are not to be forwarded to the parties.
  • If you decide to go ahead with my recommendations, you sign the last page of the recommendations and email it back to me. We then communicate with the parties and get their agreement to participate in the actions agreed with a start date.  Alternatively you may decide that you don’t want to take this any further and I will only charge you for the hours I have worked so far.

Stage 4: I now go ahead with the agreed recommendations

Feel free to call and discuss this process by contacting me on 03 5452567