Kimi Ora Psychodrama & Sociodrama Residential Workshop



Dates and times: 10.00 am on Thursday, 3 August through to 4.00 pm on Sunday, 6 August 2017

VenueKimi Ora Health Spa Resort

Who Attends?  These workshops are designed for people who work with people ie. in health, education, community and business organisations, social work, and other therapeutic fields. The workshop is designed for beginner, intermediate and advanced trainees. Practitioners of the Psychodramatic method are invited to enrol and be a part of this training event as part of your currency and we encourage you to bring aspects of your work for supervision.

Leaders:  Cher Williscroft, TEP Sociodramatist and Claire Guy, TEP Psychodramatist

Fee: $1035 incl GST (includes food and shared accommodation at Kimi Ora Eco Resort)

About the workshop:  Cher Williscroft and Claire Guy have a vision to build your capacity for flexible group leadership and for directing psychodrama and sociodramatic enactments with potency. We aim to co-create an open learning environment.

All trainees will be encouraged to try out new things with generous encouragement and coaching. Your learning may be through personal work, group leadership, auxiliary work, producing dramatic enactments, through writing, through the relationship you develop with others on the workshop.

As a result of this workshop, you can expect to apply your knowledge and understanding of group work, group leadership, psychodrama, role training, sociometry and sociodrama with the people you work and live with. Our aim is to enhance your spontaneity, compassion, and resilience so that you are free and easy with each and every person you come into contact with, and you are fulfilled in your life and work. We will be working with each of you to develop your ability to use the psychodrama method with clarity and creativity. Let’s work together to make our lives vital and meaningful.

There will also be opportunities for trainees to present aspects of their work where they are applying the psychodramatic or sociodramatic method or principles of group work.

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