Multi-Level Psychodrama Sunday Training Group


Application of Psychodrama Sociodrama, Role Training, Group Work and Sociometry in your Work and Life

Trainers:      Cher Williscroft, TEP Sociodramatist and Claire Guy, TEP Psychodramatist

2017 dates:   The following 7 Sundays from 9.30 am to 4.30 pm:

  • March 5th (Claire and Cher)
  • May 7th (Claire)
  • June 4th (Cher)
  • July 2nd (Cher)
  • Aug 20th (Claire)
  • Oct 15th (Cher)
  • Nov 19th (Claire)


About the workshop:

This year-long multi-level programme aims to build your experiments and practice of the psychodrama methods every day in your chosen profession, work, in your community, in your relationships and in play.

This will be achieved through supervised experiential learning of psychodrama, sociodrama, sociometry, role training, and group work. The application of psychodramatic methods may be in your one to one work with clients, in groups you run, in conducting role training sessions, in your work with couples, as an administrator, a trainer, a gardener, a parent, a partner, or as a change agent on your organisation.  We will extend your imaginations, half-baked ideas, plans and actions for trialling different forms and application of the method in many different settings.

Trainees will participate in group interactions and dramatic enactments as audience, protagonist, auxiliary and director.  In 2017 we will have a relevant teaching segment in each day, and reflective practice based on the application of role theory, spontaneity theory and systems theory. You will receive group supervision on your application of the method using the real-life situations you face daily in your life and work.

What to expect:

Advanced trainees:  It is likely that you will also be completing your thesis and running a group in the community with supervision with a trainer.   You will proactively work on your individual goals to refine your abilities as a Psychodramatist, and work to achieve these goals in the training group.

Intermediate trainees:  You will be focusing on developing as a group leader and director.  You will produce dramatic enactments utilising the range of psychodramatic and sociodramatic techniques including group warm up, choosing a protagonist or identifying a group theme, tuning in with the warm up of the protagonist, scene setting and interviewing for role.  Some of you will be completing your social and cultural atom paper, or completing other writing tasks.

Beginner Trainees:  You will be immersed in the psychodramatic experience and will be learning the language and structure of the method.  You will get to know the roles of protagonist, director, auxiliary and group member.  You will experience and gently practice a range of techniques of the psychodramatic method, ie concretisation, doubling, mirroring, role reversal, aside, soliloquy and maximisation.

Venue:  Nelson Stopping Violence Rooms, 124 Vanguard Street, Nelson

Cost:  $650 incl gst for 7 Sundays – BYO lunch or eat at a local café

To enrol:  Click link to enrol:

Further information:  Telephone Cher Williscroft 03 545 2567 or Email

Website:   This training group is part of a larger training programme in 2017.
Go to for information on training in the psychodrama method in Nelson.

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