1:1 Mentoring

Leadership coaching, mentoring or consultation


Let me reinforce your leadership position.

Keep your top performers.

Nip conflict and poor behaviour in the bud.

Cher Williscroft, Conflict Management Ltd supports and guides leaders through each step of the way from the minute you pick up the phone.  This means that you have someone who will take on the issues while you get on with more important things.

In some cases your staff  will want to see you leading through the difficult patches and for that reason it is important that I mentor and coach you, reinforcing you to do the leadership work required.  This may involve teaching you to give corrective feedback, mentor your staff, build bridges and develop strong relationships, to understand the team dynamics or to give you the confidence to knock a few heads together.

Resilience Mentoring:

Personal resilience is the capacity to maintain wellbeing and work performance under pressure and being able to bounce back from setbacks quickly.  Each person’s capacity to be resilient differs according to personal characteristics, thought patterns (scripts), learnt behaviour and new skills learnt in the journey of life. Developing resilience assists a person to be more adaptable to perform in challenging environments, be more flexible and increase their ability to deal with the roadblocks that they encounter from time to time.

Note: The term resilience training comes from a military model and you will note I use the term resilience mentoring  and coaching.